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Loss of wrong push-ups?

If you do not push in the right way, it is more likely to cause injuries to body injuries. Incorrectly push-ups cause a decrease in the level of calorie burning and it is also not helpful in the strength of the coals. So let's tell you what mistakes you make during push-ups and how to avoid them.

1. Butt workout

Mistake- pushups is a good exercise for ABS. Many people do not use their core during pushups.

Improvement: Insert Cheats during pushups and emphasize glutes mussels. It helps to reduce your butt and raise the lower back.

2. Put the back wrong

Mistake- While pushing, people lift their back up wrongly.

Improvement- Your body should be in a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Raise the lower part at the same time when you are taking the pelvic bones towards the upper part of the body.

3. Do not keep arms properly
Mistake- Most people keep their fingers high during pushups, which cause strain in the joints of the shoulders and difficulty in using hips, lower back and abdominal during pushups.

Improvement- Keep your hands straight and strong as a pillar of the building because the hand is an important part of controlling your body weight properly during pushups.

4. Do not keep neck properly

Mistake- this happens when your chin and jaw near your chest at the time of exercise.

Improvement: Keep push gap equal to the size of an orange between chin and chest while push-ups, which will keep your spine straight and reduce pressure in the neck muscles. 

5. Dead leg

Mistake- Some people think that the feet only work to walk.

Improvement- For more mussels and correct positions during pushups, it is important that the upper part of your knee is on the top and sides of the knee. 

6. Holding the breath

Mistake- It is difficult to stop and do any work.

Improvement: While push-ups, when you wake upwards, you breathe out and breathe while you do, do not stress while doing this, breathing in general and breathing, rather than stressing like Yoga. 

7. Half push-up
Mistake- During pushups, most people do not go down completely or come up completely. By doing this pushups do not get any benefit and no improvement or strengthening of the body.

Improvement: When you push up, pull up the arms completely and turn the elbows at 90 degrees and keep the arms or trips parallel to the ground.
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