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Healthy Tips - How To Reduce Weight Fast & Naturally At Home

Here are 40 top and best tips along with home remedies to reduce weight fast and quickly at home itself. All these weight loss tips are natural and proven too.

So, you are one of those people suffering with the problem of over weight and need some home remedies to reduce weight fast and naturally at home, right ?? Then you are at the right place. 

Do you know, according to a survey conducted by World Health Organization in 2008, " More than 1.4 billion adults were overweight and more than half a billion obese ". And the study also states that " Overweight and obesity are linked to more deaths worldwide than underweight ". So if you are suffering from obesity, you are in a great danger.

But don't worry, Tipsmonk brings you 40 simple tips for reducing weight fast at home itself. All these tips and home remedies are completely natural and gives results quickly. For this I have made some serious research on best ways to reduce weight at home by going through a lot of books, articles, fitness experts and many other sources. And finally I have listed more than 100 tips and home remedies for quick weight loss. 
And from them I have taken out these top 40 tips to reduce weight quickly at home. Most of these quick weight loss tips and home remedies are taken from Ayurveda, because I always prefer natural ways because it doesn't have any side effects. If could follow these tips continuous period of 7 days, 10 days, 30 days, 45 days or more, you could observe the results yourself and I am sure you will be surprised in the end. A lot of people has lost more than 10 to 20 Kgs in less than a month by following these tips and home remedies. Another great thing about these tips is that most of these could be used to reduce weight without any exercise. 

Fine, now I don't want to bore you. Come on, let's dive into those top and best tips for reducing weight quickly from home itself. 

1. Complete fruit & vegetable diet. Live on a complete fruit & vegetable diet for 1 week. In these 7 days, don't eat any other foods except fruits and vegetables. If you could follow this simple tip, you can reduce weight fast at your home itself. Try to eat carrots, apples, bananas, oranges, pine apple and cucumber these 7 days.

But be sure that you don't do any heavy works in these 7 days. Due to sudden change in diet plan, your energy levels gets decreased and their might be chances for some health problems. So first try to do it for 1 or 2 days and gradually increase it to 7. Of course, there are a few people who live on complete fruit & vegetable diet for their whole life.

2. Vajrasana after eating food. Vajrasana pose in yoga is know for weight loss. This yoga pose helps in igniting digestive fire and this further helps in the better digestion. And good digestion leads to perfect weight management. You can even try this pose in your leisure times too. This burns the extra fat around your tummy.

3. Drink lemon water with honey. Lemon water with honey is one among those best tips by top nutrition specialists to reduce weight fast. Add 1 or 2 table teaspoons of honey in a glass of fresh lemon juice and drink it on early mornings. Try this simple tip for 3 weeks and I bet all the extra fat in your body will be reduced.

4. Do fasting. There used to be a friend of mine who is so fat. And you know what, he reduced his body weight completely without any artificial treatments by doing only fasting. He is slim and perfect now. What all he has done is fasting on fruits on every Friday. You can try some other days too. It completely depends on your comfort. You can also consume cow milk along with fruits on fasting days.

5. Do Kapalbhati yoga daily. Kapalbhati Pranayam is one of the ancient Indian breathing techniques in Yoga which gives a lot of health and beauty benefits for the practitioner. And these days with the teachings of Swami Baba Ramdev Ji, Kapalbhati gained back its popularity. 

Kapalbhati is a great exercise for weight loss. With Kapalbhati you can loss 10 to 15 Kgs of weight in 45 days naturally. So try to do Kapalbhati pranayama for 5 to 10 minutes either on early mornings or on evenings.

6. Do swimming. With swimming you can easily burn a lot of calories. Its fun too. You know, swimming continuously for 1 hour can burn more than 720 calories. If you could burn 720 calories daily, you can easily reduce your weight by 10 to 15 Kgs in 30 days.

7. Reduce sweet intake. Eating sweets can increase fat content in the body and make you over weight. So from now no chocolates, no cookies, no pastries and no more sweet products.

8. Eat 2 carrots along with a glass of butter milk. This is one the the best remedy to reduce weight fast  and naturally at home. Carrots and butter milk are best in cutting that extra fat around tummy and making you look skinny. With this simple home remedy, you can loose more than 3 to 5 Kgs in just 45 days. You can try this to reduce weight after delivery too. 

9. Keep walking. waking is the simple and best exercise for reducing weight naturally. You neither need to spend hundreds of dollars nor need to work hard for this simple remedy. What all you need to do is to quit your bike or car and make your journey on foot. Of course, I am not saying you walk for miles throughout the day, but at least stop using vehicles for short distances like to the super market, a near by park or some other. Remember, the more you walk, the more weight you loose.

19. Breathe a lot. Your breathe is directly proportional to your weight loss. The more times you breathe, the more weight you loose. You can do anything for this. You can run for 30 minutes, you can swim for 20 minutes, or you can lift weights. Do whatever. You can even simply breathe more times than you generally do for 3 to 5 minutes. Keep breathing. Keep loosing.

20. Eat in small plates. Well, this is a bit related to psychology. The more big your plate is, the more stuff you add into it and the more food you eat and the more weight you gain. So eat is small plates so that you can eat less and loose weight more.

21. Reduce mental tensions. Increased mental tensions can also lead you to weight gain. So reduce them. Practice meditation, get into nature, visit spiritual places. Do anything, but stay calm and peace.

22. Bring a pet home. Wait, wait .. how can a pet help you in reducing weight ? But this really works, believe me. With a pet being in home, you stay active playing with it always. And unknowingly you shed few calories and this can help you to loose weight at home itself.

23. Eat leafy green food. Authority Nutrition says that Leafy Green foods like collards and spinach  are one of the best weight loss foods you can cook at home. These contain low calories and carbohydrates. But highly packed with other necessary elements like fibre and vitamins which are very healthy for our body. So with these foods, you not only stay fit but also healthy.

24. Dance for your favourite music. Everyday dance 15 to 20 minutes for your favourite music. Dance like no one is seeing you. If you can dance along with your partner, that would be much better. With this simple routine, you are going to burn good number of calories and reduce that extra fat around your tummy. In addition you get fun too.

25. No other activity while having food. A lot of people will have a habit of watching TV or reading something while having food. This is really a bad habit. According to Ayurveda, ancient Indian medical science you shouldn't even speak while having food. And what to say about other activities. With some additional activity while eating food, you eat a lot more than what you really need. And this makes you fat unknowingly. So don't forget this tip.

26. Start lifting some weights. You don't need to go gym for that. You can do it at home itself. Don't depend on someone, lift any weight you can at home yourself. This simple tip can reduce your body weight naturally. But remember, don't break your body by lifting heavy weights. This works best for ladies trying to reduce weight after delivery. 

27. Drink Amla juice. Amla ( Indian Gooseberry ) juice is one of the best drinks for weight loss. This natural drink helps in clearing digestion problems and burning extra fat around tummy. Amla juice has very significant results in reducing weight. Thousands had tried this and got good results. What all you need to do is to get some amla juice and drink it along with warm water everyday. With this you reduce your weight by 5 to 10 Kgs in 30 days from home itself.

29. Have sex often. According to a research, having sex thrice in a week can help you loose 5 to 10 Kgs in 20 days. I mean very rigorous sex, not as simple as you generally do ( I am kidding, you are good ). But remember that too much sex can be unhealthy. So stay up to your limits and copulate. You can even calculate how many calories you burnt while having sex with this simple sex calculator tool. And of course, this tip is not for you if you are single.

30. Cure constipation. If you have constipation problem, try to cure it as fast as possible. This may be one of the reasons for obesity too

31. Quit alcohol. Though people say that alcohol helps in loosing weight, that's completely a wrong prediction. Alcohol make you turn fat. So just quit it. And if you are addicted to it, you can limit your alcohol consumption.

33. Add Black pepper into your diet. Black pepper can break the fat cells in your body and help in weight loss. Add black pepper into the foods you cook or sprinkle black pepper powder on salads. Try this simple weight loss tip for 10 days and I am sure you will be surprised with the results.

34. Try dog breathing for quick weight loss. Dog breathing is one of the best breathing techniques in the world to reduce weight fast and naturally at home. What all you need to do is to sit in Marjaryasana ( also called as cat pose in Yoga ) but with head facing down. And now breath rigorously just like a dog. Keep doing it. Let the saliva keep flowing out of your mouth. Do this 3 rounds, each round for 2 minutes. And I bet you are going to loose 10 to 15 Kgs in just 30 days ( 1 month ).

35. Chant a mantra aloud. You can chant any mantra like Om, Hare Krishna  or some other. But chant so aloud so that you get exhausted. Almost all mantras are so powerful so that they not only give you spiritual benefits but also many health & beauty benefits. With this simple tip, you are not only reducing weight but also moving ahead spiritually.
36. Avoid milk products. As you already know that milk products contain high energy and fat substance, it's better to avoid all milk products like Butter, Cheese, Curd, Yogurt and all other.

37. Follow a weight loss diet chart. You could find a lot of diet plans from fitness experts online. Just download them and follow that particular diet for a certain period. This helps in you controlling yourself an your appetite. Try to follow a natural weight loss diet which doesn't include packaged foods and non vegetarian foods. 

38. Try Zumba for 1 month. Zumba is a dance fitness program found by Alberto "Beto" Perez. He is a dancer and choreographer from Columbia. With Zumba, you can loss up to 2 pounds in a month. It's quiet useful and a lot fun too. 
39. Train hard. You don't need to join a gym for that. You can do it yourself at home itself. Try simple exercises like sit ups, push ups, lifting weights and other. Though you can reduce weight without exercise, adding these simple exercises can help you reduce weight quickly. Just some added benefits. 

40. Try supplemant weight loss products & medicines. Last but a bit powerful.

Well, here ends the quick weight loss tips. So now you are with 40 amazing tips and home remedies for reducing weight fast at home itself. Don't be late. Just start following these natural tips and get surprised with the results.

And I promise, if you could follow all these tips and home remedies, you are going to lose that extra fat around your tummy and tun fit and sexy in less than a month.

And if you got some other best tips to reduce weight naturally at home, kindly mention them in the comments section. Also share your personal experience in weight loss journey. Share this post in your social circles for me.

And now, tell me " Which is your favourite tips for quick weight loss ?? "

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